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October 19, 2022

*Albuquerque VIP* is always interested in meeting new female companions. We offer you a relaxed environment with friendly management, respect and discretion. Experience is not necessary, and we will guide you through every step of becoming an outstanding companion. If you are interested in working in the industry or are already in the industry and feel we could work together successfully, please feel free to contact us or apply online. We are continuously looking for exquisite, beautiful young models who wish to join our team, however we do not accept just anybody. You MUST be at least 21 years of age & provide valid identification.We are a professional, licensed booking agency for adult entertainment. *Albuquerque VIP* is an adult entertainment agency that specializes in casting, scouting, booking, promoting, training, and career management. We book exotic entertainment for private parties for all occasions, including bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, sporting events, surprise strip – o – grams, and corporate functions.The job is extremely safe, due to the fact that we send professional, trained security personnel / drivers with you to each and every job. We do not book full service escorts or offer sexual services of any kind. We pride ourselves in being the most upscale agency in the industry. Most of our clients are upscale business people. Repeat business is extremely important, through building relationships with our clients. We keep our customers coming back by giving them the quality that no other agency can match. We differ from other agencies in many ways. We do not believe our dancers work for us, but they work with us. We will never ask you to do anything you do not feel comfortable with. We do everything possible to take care of our dancers, and hope for the same respect and loyalty in return. This policy has worked for years and we can proudly say we have some of the greatest entertainers working with us.To apply for employment with *Albuquerque VIP Escorts*, you must meet the following basic criteria:*Age – Your age must be between 18 (eighteen) and 38 (thirty eight).*Body – Your body must be toned, with a flat stomach, no stretch marks, bad scars or alot of tattoos*Transportation – You must have, or have access to a reliable car, or mass transit (Note – we may be able to provide a driver for you if one is available)*Communication – You must have a working telephone, and preferably a cell phone also. *Prompt & Reliable – You must be on time to all of your shows. In this business, being on time is critical. We are looking for entertainers that have it all; good looks talent, imagination and originality that they incorporate into their performance. Reliability, honesty, and a friendly outgoing personality are a must. Our dancers are entertainers. They are not there just to take their clothes off. They are fully aware that they are the entertainment, the highlight of each special occasion. It is extremely important to us that our customers get what they paid for and expect – attractive, hassle free, classy, and friendly entertainment that is on time and professional. No experience is necessary. If you feel you have the good looks and personality for the job, we will arrange for you to go watch as many shows as you need before giving it a try. We always suggest you try performing for the first time for a song or two at another entertainer’s show after they have performed. But not until you yourself decide you want to. This is a great way to get rid of the jitters that most new dancers have. Customers are usually very nice and enjoy being your first audience and the other girl / guy is there to help you and encourage the crowd. We offer absolutely the highest salary in this industry, in a safe, fun & upscale environment. The dancers that work with us average $200 – $500 including their tips for a 1 hour show! In addition we offer immediate hire with flexible hours. Our models have the opportunity to be on our high traffic website www.albuquerquevipescorts.com offering you added exposure. If this interests you and you are still reading this, then please email us your on line application, attach a photo if possible, or give us a call. You are not obligated to take the job. You make the decision after speaking to us and or seeing a few shows. This is a fantastic way to make a lot of money for the right individuals. All inquiries and interviews are strictly confidential. College students, single young moms, or just a weekend job to provide extra income. Whatever your motivation, just contact us and get any questions you may have answered. We look forward to meeting you.info@albuquerquevipescorts.com855.357.8747Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Bernalillo, New Mexico

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