MD | Wash DC | DreamsEscorts seeks slender, educated, women

October 19, 2022

DreamsEscorts.com | DC Escorts | VA Escort Services. | Baltimore Maryland Escort | Frederick MD EscortsWe are looking for the girl-next-door; N0 supermodels / wannabees, princesses or divas. You MUST be drug free with NO criminal record of any kind.Part time mother and student schedules are ideal, see our stringent hiring requirements and online ApplicationPlease have RECENT photos ready to include with your application.The best Escort in this industry know this is a calling. If you are a female who has heard the call or had the secret desire ever since you were young then you may be someone “we want to consider working with” Not everyone has the drive, class and focus to be a Dreams Escort. Successful Escorts in this business are not just born they are made. We’re looking for a few quality women who want to be and work with the winners! We work best with goal oriented Bi straight women with a deep urge and need to please others. Women who like receiving strong direction and the proven success our family oriented, procedure driven, structured environment WILL deliver.Nursing students, CNA’s, GNA’s, LPN, gymnasts, Yoga Instructors, Ballerina’s, former Military women have the mental discipline to do well in this industry and are encouraged to explore long hidden desires.You MUST live in the following areas to apply:*Maryland *Washington DC *Northern Virginia *South of Harrisburg, PennsylvaniaFor more information and our online application under the employment link see our website.

Employment Type
Part Time