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FAQ @UnHolyJobs

UnHolyJobs team decided to put this FAQ together to help answer the most requested questions. We’ve had a lot of questions over the past 10 years. Questions usually begin with “how to work from home”, “how to get hired fast” or “how to post a job”. Other wish to know how we can match employers with candidates. It comes down to always simply posting a job that someone might apply to, no matter how wacky or weird. There’s an UnHolyJob for everyone out there.

Be Curious, Not Judgmental

Marguerite and Marshall Shearer 1986

Employer FAQ

Frequently asked questions by UnHolyJobs employers

Where is my job posting advertised?

UnHolyJobs has terrific traffic with people looking for work and those just plain curious. Your adult job posting is seen on thousands of sites that link to UnHolyJobs. We don’t advertise your job posting anywhere other than right here on UnHolyJobs.

Is there a limit to how many jobs I can post on this jobs website?

While there is no limit to how many jobs you can post, you cannot post identical jobs on UnholyJobs. The system will detect identical jobs, delete them, and then pause the original job. Please only post 1 job that fits the title and category.

Is there a limit to how many candidates can apply to my job postings?

The sky is the limit. There are no limits to how many candidates apply to your adult job posting.

How soon will I start receiving resumes?

Your job posting goes live within an hour of posting so you may start to receive resumes from applicants sooner than you expect. A number of candidates have signed on to our job board and will receive notices of new adult job listings daily.
It’s a good idea to be sure your job posting has a good amount of detail, include images of the office/building, contact information, etc.

What is your job cancellation policy?

We will cancel your open job if there are candidate complaints and you or your company have not addressed concerns.

Do you have a membership program?

At this time we have not introduced the membership program for companies wishing to post multiple open jobs. We will be doing so in the future so be sure you sign up on our newsletter.

I’m not sure which category fits my open job, can you help?

Absolutely! Contact us and let us know the job title – we’ll be able to find a great job category or create a new category for you!

How do I write a great job listing to attract better applicants?

It starts with a great title and includes lots of detail in the actual job offer. Follow these guidelines to posting a great job:
1. Create an eye catching title, with a real “Job Position Title”
2. Create a great description. Include details of the job, requirements, what is expected from the employee, the working hours – anything you can think of that will help give the applicant what is truly expected of them.
3. List the pay. A lot of job offers don’t include pay and this appears sketchy to some candidates, and they won’t reply to your ad. Or they will reply with the question: “How much does this job pay“. So be upfront and honest about pay.
4. If you have a storefront or office, post pictures of the building, the office where someone will work and other employees. If it’s a legit job offer at a legit location, you should have no problem showing potential recruits where they’ll be spending 8 hours per day.

The more details you put into your adult job listing the better.

Candidate FAQ

Candidates have questions, the UnHolyJobs staff have answers…

What is the best way to apply for a job?

Really, the best way to apply is to be up front and honest about your background and skills. Also be sure your contact info and references check out.

What is the biggest complaint from employers about applicants?

The number one complaint we get from employers posting jobs is candidate posting bad contact information. Be certain that your contact information is up to date.

Should I be concerned with some of the questions being asked by employers?

The number one rule of online job offers, on any site, is that if you don’t feel comfortable giving out your information, then don’t do it. Your privacy matters.

I saw a job posting on UnHolyJobs that I believe is fake, what do I do?

If you have any questions about a particular job posting on UnHolyJobs, do not respond to the ad. Contact staff here first. Send your concern along with a link to the job and we will check it out. We will respond back to you as soon as we can with our findings.

I applied for a job but haven’t heard from the employer, what do I do?

If you have applied to a job on this platform and haven’t heard back from the employer you may have to give it a bit more time.

An employer asked me to send pics to him and I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Should I?

If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, don’t do it. If you think the conversation warrants UnHolyJobs staff to look into it – please contact us right away.
But again, don’t send your images or information if you don’t think the gig is legit or the job poster is acting sketchy.