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Yeah, YOU! UnHolyJobs is always on the lookout for new authors. If you have a great article idea about employment, industry specific or work related content, we’d love to hear from you.

We hope to enlighten our readers and offer them answers to common problems and some niche specific issues according to their line of work.

To be honest, writing for UHJ will take some work. We want our articles to be among the best n the adult jobs niche. If you submit an article, rest assured someone on the team will help edit and assign any necessary revisions.

Rewarding, you bet! The traffic from UnHolyJobs is niche specific. So if you’re writing about adult jobs, we’re your best place to write for. Send your info and article ideas to “write @ unholyjobs.com

What We Require From Writers

Along with contact details, you’ll need to submit your rough draft. You can also submit your idea in a pitch to see if we believe our readers will find the article worthy.

Please keep in mind that we only accept original articles. We will check your work with copyscape as we do not publish any content if it has been published on another website.

We do accept Press Releases and Sales Pitches! This type of content would be “sponsored content” and you would need to chat with one of our editors about advertising on UnHolyJobs.

Before you send an article or idea, please understand that all of the content we promote on UHJ has structured formatting. This article formatting includes:

  • Answers a question or solves a problem
  • Must be interesting and worthwhile to the reader
  • Is written for people looking to get started in the adult industry or companies looking to hire
  • If stating facts, must be checked an cited.
  • Follows our writing guide
    • Have H2 Headings and H3 Subtitles
    • No inline CSS
    • Must include an Author Bio
    • Must have at least 1 image
    • Article must be a minimum of 1000 words
    • Article MUST solve a problem, answer a question
    • Article must be follow a pillar post or page on UnHolyJobs website

What UHJ Publishes

UHJ Editors and Authors publish weekly, and we publish quality content that helps our readers find an answer to a problem, gives them an idea for something great, or keeps them entertained.

Article Size: The minimum article size is 1000 words. We do suggest submitting an article that is at least 1500 words. Our editors are picky and may delete whole paragraphs if the work doesn’t flow with the content.

What Happens When you Send an Article

Once you submit an article or idea, an editor will have a look to determine if it fits our niche in the adult jobs industry. If you send an article on “Casinos”, it better have something to do with getting a job at a casino.

If your work is not accepted, you’ll be told why. You can take that information and re-work your article and resubmit. There are many categories of adult jobs. If you would like to learn how to become a better writer, see this website: https://www.wikihow.com/Write-Articles

Article Submission Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know before submitting an article to UnHoly Jobs

We suggest you take our editor's advice and go back through the article to touch on items mentioned, and resubmit.

If your article was refused without feedback, it means the content was not written for UHJ. As well, it may not have fit our theme or we found it to violate copyright.

Yes. Every article and image that authors wish to post are checked via Copyscape. As well, the images are also checked using online search tools for duplication.

A picture is worth a thousand words. An image is also a requirement of great SEO and gives the reader a visual on what the author is trying to express. If you do not submit an image, we won't be able to accept your work.

You must first find what it is you are passionate writing about. Whether it's adult movies, webcamming, security or running a bar, there is always something fascinating to write about.