$100 For Submitting Your Vagina To Our Contest (Easiest Money EVER)

October 19, 2022

We’re holding a vaginal beauty contest online. Strange, but true. We make a sex toy for men and we’re looking for the world’s most beautiful vaginas to cast onto a new series of sleeves for our product. Our contest will officially open to the public next week. But we need at least 10 pre-submissions to our contest so people will have vaginas to vote on when it opens!The 3 winners of the contest will be awarded $5000, $2500, and $1250 in return for having their vaginas 3d scanned and allowing us to use them on our products. You can enter the contest and even win, totally anonymously (only we would know your identify if you so choose). If you’ll take a quick photo of your vagina with a little piece of paper in the photo identifying our contest, we’ll Paypal you $100. Easy! Plus you may be one of the winners if the public votes your vagina to the top.Simply contact after you’ve submitted! This offer is valid for the next 5 days ONLY!

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