Adult Clipshop is a digital video marketplace for buyers and sellers. We are an amateur adult community with Real amateurs and user uploaded clips.*How Old Do I Have To Be?*As long as you are 18 you are eligible.*What Equipment Do I Need To Get Started?*A phone, Camera, Webcam (Cellphones are allowed)*What Will I Be Required To Do?*You are only required to do what you are comfortable with. However the more you are willing to do, the more you can make. Anything goes pretty much!*How Do I Get Paid?*Pay periods run every 1st of the month Minimum payout is $100 EU.*I Work another Job Is That Ok?*YES. Our models work when they want as much as they want. Set your own schedule!*I’ve Never Done This before Is That Ok?*YES. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!! check us out on Adultclipshop.comsend us a message with your email adress.regards,Adultclipshop.com

Employment Type
Part Time