I am a pornstar/escort manager in Houston and I am looking for females who want management to help them do escorting. I would put you on the escorting sites I use for the ladies I already manage. I would handle all of the emails but your number will be on all of your ads and profiles along with my number as a secondary choice. The rates I make for you would depend on what all you are willing to provide and can be discussed later. I can hire a photographer (if you don’t already have one) that could take new pictures of you if need be plus I could list you under a new escorting name and give you an anonymous number. The split would be 70/30 in your favor. You can be anywhere in the US, but females in Texas get priority. If this interests you, you can call/text/email me for more details. There is an online application on the website as well281-849-8354

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