Established Busy Agency Expanding Hiring Dancers/Escorts in Ocean City, DC, Baltimore

October 19, 2022

*IS THE ADULT INDUSTRY WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR?*We here at DC VIP Escorts provide service only. This means you travel to the client’s home, office or most often, the client’s hotel room as our clientele consists mostly of upscale and affluent business travelers. We cater to residences & hotels in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area including Baltimore, Ocean City, Alexandria, Vienna, Manassas & more. Our office handles both booking and dispatching all calls, providing a seamless experience and better communication for both you and our clients. Each city has its own “entertainment manager”” — we wouldn’t dare send girls out hundreds of miles away without having someone centrally located for your safety & ours.Since we operate in several cities across the continental United States, we advertise with both national and local publications and through the internet. We utilize the latest technologies and cutting edge marketing to insure our ads are seen by a high quality, affluent audience. This allows us to book higher overall show fees and give you the opportunity to make more money. Our booking fees are among the highest in the industry and our clientele is among the most sophisticated and well traveled.You make a little *over* 50% of the initial show fee and *100% of your tips. *There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with DC VIP Escorts. Hourly pay is determined by several factors, the main being the city in which your booking is located and the travel time/distance to get to said booking – with some cities paying *OVER $100.00 Hourly.* Ca$h paid daily. Apply today, start tomorrow.Our average companion/ entertainer can easily make upwards of $200-$400 in tips per client. It is up to “”you”” how much money you make. The better your presentation and the better your attitude,, the better your tips. Many of our best girls earn $400-$600 even $1000 in tips per show and so can you. If you are unsure how to do this, just ask! With our years of experience and vast amount of knowledge, we will be happy to instruct you how to make this kind of money as well.We here at DC VIP Escorts are a family. We work hard, and play harder. We like to take care of our girls and we expect the same in return. We are simply the best at what we do and want those who have the same work ethic as well. We expect you to be dependable, professional, honest and motivated. Those who are will gain priority and will become one of our “”A”” list girls. Again this is up to you!We work hard and can usually offer you at least 2-5 shows per shift. We are looking for girls that want to work at least 4 shifts per week. You are to submit your preferred schedule at least one week prior to and expected to work, on time the shifts you choose. We are very flexible with the shifts we provide but we expect you to set your schedule and stick with it.We also offer a small selection of screened drivers/security in your area to help with your transportation and safety needs as well as for your convenience. Just like the entertainers, we are always selectively hiring drivers/security personnel.To get you started, please provide us with a copy of your driver’s license and/or other form of state I.D or passport to verify that you are at least 18 years of age. We also need a recent picture of you. This is NOT used in any publication or advertisement whatsoever. It is simply used as a tool for our bookers and managers so that we can best describe and match you to our shows. We do not expect you to spend a lot of money on a professional glamour shot photos as soon as you start working — some girls have them because they have prior experience, either escorting, stripping, or even modeling. We only ask that it is a clear and proper representation of you. Be sure to include your contact information so that we can get in touch with you for an interview, to set your schedule or anything else that might be needed.Within the first 30-45 days of your (potential) employment, you will have a professional photo shoot with our “”known”” photographer, If you are too far from our base office, we will contract a local photographer to do your photos.To get you started we have made it as easy as possible. When you are ready to join our team simply “”Apply Now”” and complete your application with DC VIP Escorts. We are always looking for that next *DC VIP Escorts* girl! !!! DON’T WAIT TO START MAKING MONEY !!! APPLY NOW!!If you have any questions, feel free to call 866-426-4262 between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. If the phone operator needs to call you back, don’t be offended – Our booked girls are #1 priority over anyone – customers & employees included. If they call with ANY kind of problem, everyone else is pushed back a bit! The safety of our ladies is more important than mere profit or loss.We also have offices in the following cities:* Virginia Beach, VA * Ocean City, MD * Richmond, VA * Savannah, GA * Tampa, FL * Birmingham, AL * Charlotte, NC* Williamsburg, VA * Washington, D.C. If selected for one of our sexy escort positions you can travel back & forth through our locations OR you can travel internationally or locally with the clientele. It’s all up to you!”

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