Hiring Tattoo Artists, Body Piercers, Retail Sales

October 19, 2022

Atomic Tattoos is Hiring!!! WE ARE EXTREMELY BUSY!!!!We are expanding in Tampa Bay, Orlando, Milwaukee, and 3 Yet To Be Announced Cities!That’s right forget the recession! Forget the economy! Atomic Tattoos has Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!16 Important Reasons To Join Atomic Tattoos!1. Aggressive Commissions & Profit Sharing Program! We share more profits than any other company!2. Earn more at Atomic! Up to 70% commission! Yep, thats right earn up to 70% commission rates!3. Business Card Reimbursement! We will pay for your business cards!4. Medical Savings Account Insurance! Yep, we provide health insurance and medical savings accounts!5. Dental Insurance! Take care of your grill! Again, we provide dental insurance!6. Education Reimbursement! Want to improve yourself? Well, we provide educational assistance!7. Professional Liability Insurance Coverage! Same kind that Doctors have to protect you and we pay for it!8. Convention Sponsorship Program! Want to go to conventions? We will send you!9. Magazine Submission Program! Want to be in magazines? We will help you!10. Extensive Advertising and Marketing Campaigns! We handle it all from Print, Radio, TV, Internet, and Mobile Marketing! So you can Tattoo!11. Powerful Media Relationships & Special Events! Inside access! Some of our staff have gone on the road and tattooed super stars! You can too!12. Strong Public Brand Awareness! We are the most known and trusted brand!13. Upscale Atmosphere and Environment! Tired of working next to junkies or theives? So where we!14. Supportive and Educational Workplace! One of our goals is to improve industry conditions for tattoo artists!15. Be our partner! Yep, that is right! We offer true ownership and partnership! Internal training programs are available!16. $500 sign on bonus and $500 recruiting bonus to staff recruiters! Uhhhh, this is pretty straightforward right?The Number One Most Important Reason To Join Atomic Tattoos!WE ARE LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED BY TATTOO ARTISTS FOR TATTOO ARTISTS! OUR ENTIRE ORGANIZATION AND EVERY STUDIO IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY A LOCAL TATTOO ARTIST WHOSE PRIME DIRECTIVE AND GOAL IS TO IMPROVE THE TATTOO INDUSTRY FOR TATTOO ARTISTS! IT IS OUR GOAL AND BELIEF THAT TATTOO STUDIOS SHOULD NOT BE OWNED BY NON-TATTOO ARTISTS!Position Details & How to Apply1. Full time positions are available to qualified and experienced tattoo artists and body piercers in Tampa, Orlando, and Milwaukee!2. You must be clean, professional, and customer service oriented.3. A minimum of 3 years professional studio experience required.4. You must have a substantial portfolio of work.5. You must have professional references.6. No substance abuse problems or attitudes.7. We will need your information, references, which market you would like to work and links to your online portfolio. Send them by replying to this message, through the form on our website, or by emailing jobs@atomictattoos.comAll applicants information will be kept in strict confidence and secrecy because we know how non-tattoo artist owners/bosses can be!

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Full Time