Japanese webcam market is on the rise

October 19, 2022

Due to the trend of globalization, Japanese market has changed since 10 years ago. They used to like only Japanese woman. But their preference has been changing little by little. There are more and more opportunities that white and Hispanic looking woman become popular in Japanese webcam and porn market. The benefit working for Japanese market is not only time difference but pay structure is better for some of the models.Since there is no tipping culture, models can not earn money through tipping. However, Japanese are more willing to go to private and group shows in which models do not need to beg for the tips. Furthermore, Japan is the third highest spending on porn per capita. (China #1, Kore#2 and US #4 Thus there are higher earning opportunities than U.S market. Meiya Tokyo USA, the only webcam agency that supports non-Japanese models, is looking for new models who are willing to be successful. They provide localization and translation services that help models to avoid making making mistake and enter the market smoothly. Check what they have to offer. http://www.meiyatokyousa.com/ Send application if you are looking for new and better opportunity.

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