October 19, 2022

We are seeking a team of adult webcam model recruiters to preform the following duties. You will be recruiting for the largest network of adult websites with over five million visitors per day, so your cam models make the most money. As they make money so will you!Your cam models can work from home or our 6500 SQFT studio located in LAS VEGAS N.VBelow I will explain the terms & payment structure on a pay-per-performance bases. It is important that you READ THE WHOLE JOB DESCRIPTION and understand what we are looking for in a recruiter. If you cannot provide us with the volume asked, please DON’T APPLY on this project!Your bid on this project should reflect the number of QUALIFIED models that you can send to our online application form in a 7 day pay period. ALL MODELS MUST BE 18yrs OR OLDER! A government ID or passport that will be needed in order to complete the application process. You will be provided with a tracking link (365 day tracking cookie) to the application form and receive an email every time a application is submitted though your link. You will also be provided with live stats via are online tracking software, so that you may track your success.We are mainly looking for “ATTRACTIVE”” solo females & lesbian couples. We need models from all countries.*TERMS:** You WILL NOT solicit prostitution or anything Escort related in your recruitment efforts.* Work starts the day your hired. You have 7 days to get “”at least”” 3 models under your belt.* You will be paid every Monday via PayPal, direct deposit, Its your choice!* THERE WILL BE NO ADVANCES NOR ESCROW. You are Paid Per Performance ONLY.* All models must be human and 18 years of age or older.* NO SPAM! Anyone found spamming WILL NOT be paid.* ALL MODELS MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK ENGLISH.If you think you have what it takes. Then please place your EMAIL with the words “”I CAN DO THIS”” in your EMAIL so that I know you took the time to read the whole description. Please send a short PM with how you plan on recruiting the models.Thank You for your time and happy bidding! “

Employment Type
Full Time