Phone Actress’s needed (WORK FROM HOME)

October 19, 2022

Webcam and Phone actresses needed for “iZeez WebCams””:http://izeez.com and talk line *EVERYONE WORKS FROM HOME*# Do you want to stop paying for a daytime sitter while you go off to work?# Do you want a solid income and work from home?# How would you like a 25 second commute to your office?If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Not only do you get to work from home but you also:* Set your own hours (or minutes). Thats right, some webcam models only work a few minutes per day!* Be your own boss* Control the people that you are camming with* Learn how to make the biggest tips in the businessYou make your own hours! Cam in when you can work and cam off when you cannot. This is webcam modeling. The pay could reach $150 per each 15 minutes you are on cam. If the customer gets booted you still get paid.Pay is 2x per month. No one has any of your information–you are only known to customers by your chosen code name. You will also have the ability to limit the area able to view your cam. So if you are working in NY and want to block NY traffic you can. Total anonymity!This is contract labor and a 1099 is sent out for tax purposes. *Disabled Welcome to work*Signup Here and start earning great money today! “”FREE SIGNUP””:http://www.izeez.com/freepass.php”

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