Concierge – Position #71197Job Order Open Until: December 20, 2011Salary: $30.75Current Staff Encouraged to Apply! www.eofti.comGeneral Duties: The EOFTI Concierge is the main point of contact for a client when they enter the storage facility. The Concierge will validate the client, then, if client is verified, greet the client at the main door and proceed to show them to a secure, private viewing room. Time is of the essence and we do not wish our clients to wait too long in the man-trap.* Concierge will ensure that all viewing rooms are free from debris and in good working order.* Concierge will ensure the beverage center is fully stocked at all times and that the privacy screens are in proper place.* Concierge will also double as Security Officer when necessary and be armed at all times.Upon client closing and securing their storage box(es), the Concierge will do a swipe of the storage box(es) for hazardous material prior to sending the storage box to the vault. If a hazardous contaminant is found the concierge will swiftly cover the unit (details not addressed here) and sent to a clean room. Other details will follow in later interviews.Requirements: to maintain a perfect attendance record at all times. Concierge will be available for any shift and will be unable to refuse or trade shifts with other Concierge staff. Refusing a shift is grounds for immediate dismissal. This is an armed position.A floating shift occurs monthly and the Concierge candidate must be aware that shift times will change. A Concierge works in a secured, closed environment with no contact to the outside. A Concierge will need to be able to lift up to 60 pounds starting from a dead lift and gently place the storage box on a trolley for movement. Apply At: www.eofti.com

Employment Type
Full Time