The Wholesale prices you see are for anyone looking to resell our products.Who will benefit selling our products?*Anyone who works in the Night Club industry, (e.g. Gentlemen’s Clubs, Topless Dancers, Escort Services, Models, Entertainers, Bartenders plus more….. How do I get started? *1st you purchase the Items you wont to resell using the Wholesale Prices that are listed by each item, this means you will be ordering the Items in sets of 3s.*Once you pick your Items, go through the check, this will take you to PayPal, this is the secure site we use to process your payment. If you need to know more about PayPal visit www.paypal.com *After your order is complete, and payment is received we ship your order directly to you.What’s next?*Once you get your products, you set your own prices. Example: you purchased an outfit for $11.00 wholesale from us You mark up the price to $22.00 Retail Your customer buys the outfit for $22.00 retail You made $11.00 profit on one item.That’s called a 100% mark up, or you doubled your investment. You can put any $ amount on the products that you want. It’s your own business!!!If you’re not sure you can sell the Items, don’t worry only buy 3 of the same Item 1st then try to sell them, we have NO CONTRACTS, and the min order is only 3pc of the same item. Our return policy is the same for wholesale purchasesIf you haven’t read the policies, please do so before you make any purchases! Any ?’s Please email us

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