The Living Ghost Tattoo Shop in Tempe is looking for a new tattoo artist for weekend/nights and possible part-time hrs. \Artists who have at least 4 years of experience and can work in different styles (blackngrey, lettering, traditional, photorealism, japanese,) are most desired.Please note that if you have NEVER worked in a tattoo shop or if you do not have a steady clientele already established in the valley, you will not be considered for this position. We are searching for a timely, professional, drug-free, and hard-working tattoo artist.Our shop provides your supplies except for your needles, ink, and machinery.Please contact Ethan (manager.owner,) via phone @ 480-272-5469 to setup an initial consultation/interview. Have available a new/working portfolio with artwork and current tattoo work included. You can also email Ethan at the email provided in this post with your resume and photos as well of current work.You can also see our artists work, etc at our myspace page at myspace.com/livingghosttattooWe look forward to hearing from you.

Employment Type
Part Time