Webcam modeling site hiring models with a $1000 cash bonus

October 19, 2022

If youre a webcam model looking to make even more and 18+ of course check this out !! At the end of every week, the top 30 models with the most tokens will receive a prize The number one model (bonga queen) will receive a $1000 cash bonus #1: 1000$#2: 250$#3: 150$#4-#15: 100$#15-#30 $50Also for members there is a new cash back reward Every day 5 top spenders of the day will be awarded with extra tokens!WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED EVERY 24 HOURS.As for show pricing each model will have the choice of a set price Chat shows pricing:Group chat per minute = 15 tokensPrivate chat per minute = 30 tokensFull private chat per minute = 45 tokensVoyeur chat per minute = 7 tokens1 token = €0.05As soon as you start this site withen seconds you get gold Members with tokens If you want more information just reply/email me

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