Work From Home Online Performer and or Affiliate Program

October 19, 2022

Tired of working for somebody else and want to be your own boss? Do you enjoy making your own hours and working and having free time when YOU want too?• If you love playing in front of the camera and interested in working from home making up to a couple of $1000’s a week this job could be for you! Were always hiring and we don’t discriminate. All we ask is that you are 18 year are older and can upload a picture along with your photo ID or Passport. No matter what ethnicity, shape or size you are we look forward to hearing from you. We are a very open minded friendly company. We are new to the webcam industry but we believe we will succeed in the long run and we are offering these positions to anyone who share the same positive energy and persistence that we do. For performers we accept any gender and couples, also we split all revenue and profits 50%. You will be paid out weekly by either Instant Debit Card transfer, Check, or wire transfer to your bank account. • You also have the option to work as an Affiliate. Affiliate’s are given a separate link which they then share to whomever on the internet. Whoever you get to signup through this link you make 25% of their spending’s for life! This is great for someone who can recruit performers or has their own website with tons of traffic. If you have 1000 people spend just 20 dollars each that’s $5000 you just made for doing nothing!! The adult industry is booming and always will be.• Although we are new this can be a great advantage point in the fact that our website and business is over saturated with performers. This means mroe customers are focused and visit your rooms and in turn makes you more money. Sure you could join another well known site but then youd be placed at the bottom of over 1000 active performers and probably not make the type of money you’d like.• Its all up to you! The hours you want to work, you can come and go as you please. Bring your own customers and work as hard as you like for your money. You have the option to be the NUMBER ONE star and really the reap the benefits. For any more questions please feel free to contact us.

Employment Type
Full Time