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The public relations company working for any adult company or porn star must be on top of every aspect of marketing. Too often you see some PR firms focusing solely on trying to get venues for their clients and losing out on other forms of simple strategic marketing.
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The public relations company working for any adult company or porn star must be on top of every aspect of marketing. Too often you see some PR firms focusing solely on trying to get venues for their clients and losing out on other forms of simple strategic marketing.

The adult industry is a cut throat business where there are thousands of guys and gals entering the industry and some running away just as fast. This is also true for the video amateur or small production company attempting to be the next great supplier of “educational films”.

Watching in the background I often see agencies attempt to market their stable and constantly fighting an uphill battle when it comes to promotion. If only they knew that with a little push from a quality PR firm, it makes the job that much easier. You see some agencies or wannabe’s working so hard for a small niche like a venue or two, when the real traffic is in SEM (search engine marketing). So, while your competition is asleep pushing old-timey promotions – your online marketing efforts should be pushed a wee bit harder. The traffic is in the hand of the consumer at this point, yeah I meant mobiles (cell phones for you US types)…

As an SEM too often I see PR companies making simple mistakes and not taking advantage of Twitter and Facebook API for their blogs and posts. Thats the easy part of marketing. Any good PR firm should have a quality site with of course viable references; but, they should also have a fantastic online social presence. This in itself shows how outgoing the firm is and how well it attracts an audience. If a PR firm can attract a social audience then think of what they can do for you?

The Difference Between an SEO and SEM and your Needs for Both

Its my opinion that a PR firm must join forces with a quality SEM firm. Yeah, I hear the term SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) being thrown around, but as the title suggests, an SEO works on a site for maybe a few hours. Their job is to simply “optimize” your website for a search engine bot. Way too many times do I see this title being thrown around and it really kills the terminology. Now then, a SEM (Search Engine Marketer) takes the newly revised site and spins it using social engineering, whitehat online marketing tactics and a culmination of API tools to automate the process for the end user, you.

An API you ask? Sure… when you decide to tell the world about your latest box cover, video shoot or blog post, it (or they) can be automatically spun to Twitter, then hits Facebook and ultimately winds up in the hands of your thousands of fans. It’s simple tools like these that take minutes to install and are more powerful than you could imagine.

Lets not forget the fact you need fans to tweet to or to have read your fanpage – that is also the job of the SEM. Getting you the people to become your fan and follower is key to the snowball effect that social engineering uses to build your profile. Coming down the pipe is no Google +1, and if you aren’t ready for that monster – shame on you, your “SEO” and your PR firm. Google +1 is about to spill over onto the online social scene and those not prepared for it will be devoured by it and it will take a while to get up to speed, much like when you started a fanpage or tweet account. A good SEM will and can get you the followers – its a matter of knowing how it all works.

There must always be an up-sell to you and/or your product

Once you find an SEM who works hand in hand with a PR team, you have to acknowledge that while you have that fans attention, you must always be stroking their curiosity about your next product and or endeavor. Your PR team’s focus on this will ensure they aren’t only working on your past work but intent on promoting your future. As well, online work requires a good SEM to continue fanning the flames of exclusivity that the PR firm creates.

I was currently reading a post by Erika Icon on how and when to find a good public relations firm and she is spot on. She talks about the need for a good firm to not only get the client promoted but promoted properly:

Some girls enter the industry in the hopes of making a pile of cash and making a quick exit. Other girls want to be the next Jenna Jameson. If you want to be Jenna, you’re going to need marketing/PR team, along with a stellar agent and/or manager and a lawyer. A true publicist knows about and has experience in social media, marketing and publicity—you need a specialized individual like this to skyrocket your career, in addition to being cast in great movies and having an amazing onscreen performances.

Exclusivity and an SEM | PR Team

You must take into account that there is more to getting your name out there than simply calling around looking for work. With the right marketing of you or your product quite often the offers come to you. Therefore building somewhat of an aura of exclusivity always works. The attraction of exclusivity is paramount to feeding fan frenzy and an SEM is a necessary tool in your PR arsenal when it comes to getting you online promotion – even if working in the shadows. If you are in need of a quality Search Engine Marketer, contact Nick.Clark with TheMerde.com.

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