How and Where To Sell Your Feet Pics for the Most Money in 2024

Many people are unaware of the lucrative market for selling feet pictures. With the increasing demand, it's important to know where and how to sell them for the most money. In this article, we'll cover all the essential tips and tricks to help you maximize your profits.
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Key Takeaway:

  • There are various platforms to sell your feet pics for maximum profit: FunWithFeet, FeetFinder, OnlyFans, Instafeet, Feetify, AllThingsWorn, DollarFeet, Feetpics.com, Etsy, Personal E-Commerce Website, Craigslist, Unsplash, and Shutterstock are some of the popular platforms. It is important to research each platform and determine which one suits your requirements the best.
  • Some tips for selling feet pics online include determining the best platform to use, studying the types of pics that sell the best, taking high-quality feet pics, offering free sample pics, engaging with clients and offering custom shots, and repeating the process. These tips help in building a good reputation and increasing your earnings.
  • Factors such as picture quality, uniqueness, customer demand, and competitor pricing should be considered while determining the price of your feet pics. It is essential to check different websites and companies to arrive at a reasonable and profitable price for your services.

Introduction to Selling Feet Pics

Selling Feet Pics: Where and How to Get the Best Prices

Many people are unaware of the lucrative market for selling feet pictures. With the increasing demand, it’s important to know where and how to sell them for the most money. In this article, we’ll cover all the essential tips and tricks to help you maximize your profits.

Firstly, it’s crucial to find the right platform to sell your feet pictures. Some options include social media, specialized websites, and choosing a private buyer. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll explore in detail.

Once you’ve found the right platform, it’s important to take high-quality photos of your feet. This involves paying attention to lighting, angles, and presentation. We’ll share some useful tips to ensure that your pictures stand out in a crowded market.

Finally, we’ll give you a pro tip to help you boost your sales even further. By following this advice, you can increase your chances of making a sale and earning top dollar for your feet pictures.

Where to Sell Your Feet Pics

As a foot model, one of the most critical decisions you will make is where to sell your feet pics to maximize your earnings. In this section, I will share with you some of the most profitable platforms where you can sell your feet pictures.

With platforms such as FunWithFeet, FeetFinder, OnlyFans, and Instafeet, you have many options to choose from and create a reliable income stream. There are also unconventional platforms like Etsy, personal e-commerce websites, and even sites like Craigslist and stock image websites, such as Unsplash and Shutterstock, for selling your feet pictures.

Here are the best details to help you decide where to sell your feet pics.


Find your sole mate on FeetFinder – where foot fetish meets e-commerce.

The number one platform that individuals can use to sell their feet pics is FeetFinder. This website allows users to create a profile for free and securely sell pictures and videos of their feet to interested parties in exchange for payment. Unlike other websites, FeetFinder boasts a requirement for members to identify themselves before uploading content, making it easier to weed out fake profiles and scams.

FeetFinder users can pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content from sellers or purchase specific images or videos at a negotiated price. The platform also ensures the confidentiality of its models’ identities by blurring features like faces or tattoos in pictures while still allowing buyers to get an accurate view of the seller’s feet.

For those interested in using FeetFinder to sell their feet pics, it is essential first to take high-quality photos of your feet and study the website’s type of pics that sell best. Sellers should engage with clients, offer custom shots, and repeat the process regularly while setting reasonable prices based on competition on various platforms like DollarFeet, Etsy, among others.

Ensure you check Feetfinder out today as it provides a great opportunity for photographers with unique foot fetishes and ensures safe transactions.


One of the best platforms used to sell your feet pics is ‘FunWithFeet.’ It is popular among those who are interested in buying and selling foot-related content. The website allows users to create a profile, upload images, and set their prices. FunWithFeet has built a community of like-minded individuals who share an interest in feet, which makes it easier for sellers to find buyers.

FunWithFeet offers features such as private messaging and the ability to receive reviews from clients. This helps sellers to build their reputation and attract more customers. Additionally, it has a secure payment system that ensures transactions are safe and reliable.

FunWithFeet is one of many platforms available for selling feet pics online. It is crucial to research multiple options before choosing the best platform for your needs. Each platform may have slightly different fees, rules, or features that can impact your profits.

If you’re interested in using FunWithFeet or any other platform, keep in mind the importance of taking high-quality pictures that fit client preferences. Offering free sample pics and engaging with clients can help build long-term relationships and increase repeat business.

Overall, platforms like FunWithFeet offer sellers an opportunity to monetize their interests while providing buyers with a unique niche experience. Through careful planning and dedication, selling feet pics online can be a profitable venture for those willing to put in the effort.


If you have feet and an internet connection, you’re already halfway to becoming an OnlyFans star.

An online platform that allows content creators to monetize their work, OnlyFans has gained immense popularity due to its ease of use and high earning potential. Here are five points that explain the benefits of using OnlyFans as a platform for selling feet pics:

  • OnlyFans is a safe and secure platform with strict content guidelines that ensure the protection of both content creators and subscribers.
  • The platform allows for daily payouts, providing immediate access to earnings and making it easy to manage finances.
  • OnlyFans has a large user base comprising people from around the globe, creating a vast potential customer base for those sharing foot pics.
  • The platform offers great customization options allowing content creators complete creative control over their profiles and pricing strategies.
  • Along with exclusive photo content, OnlyFans users can offer other services such as direct messaging or custom shoots at an additional cost, enhancing earning power.

It is worth noting that OnlyFans caters to various types of adult content beyond just foot pics.

In case you are still unsure whether OnlyFans is the right choice for selling your feet pics, consider researching more about the platform’s policies, fees, features offerings as compared to other platforms mentioned in this article.

Don’t miss out on the profitable opportunities offered by websites like OnlyFans. Sign up today!

Step up your Instagame by selling your feet pics on Instafeet, the ultimate platform for foot lovers and financial gain.


Instafeet is a website where users can sell and purchase feet pictures. Users can sign up and create their profiles on the platform. Sellers can set their own prices for the pictures they upload. Buyers can browse through the site and purchase pics from their preferred sellers.

Notably, Instafeet has become a popular platform for selling feet photos due to its user-friendly interface. The site’s easy-to-navigate layout, combined with its secure transaction system, has made it a top choice among both sellers and buyers alike. As a result, some users have reported making sizeable profits from selling feet images on Instafeet.

For instance, one successful seller on Instafeet revealed that she makes up to $1,000 per month from just selling her foot pictures online. She shared that she had been able to attract repeat customers by offering personalized photo sessions and maintaining an active social media presence. Overall, using Instafeet to sell your feet pictures could be a lucrative option if done correctly.

Need a quick cash-fix? Just put your best foot forward on Feetify.


A popular platform to sell feet pictures is Feetify. It allows for an online profile where individuals can showcase their feet pics for purchase by potential clients. Feetify offers a user-friendly interface with options to set prices and communicate with buyers.

When using Feetify, it is important to create high-quality images that showcase the feet in unique positions or settings as this can increase the interest of potential buyers. Additionally, offering personalized shots and engaging with clients can not only lead to repeat customers but also positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising.

It is worth noting that unlike other platforms mentioned, Feetify does not charge any fees or commission per sale, so it is essential to set reasonable prices that account for time and effort spent on taking pictures.

Put your best foot forward with AllThingsWorn, the perfect platform for selling your prized piggies.


An online selling platform for various used clothing items, accessories and shoes is AllThingsWorn. Through this site, users can sell their worn items, including socks and shoes to potential customers. Moreover, users can communicate with buyers through the site’s chat system.

Users of AllThingsWorn have an opportunity to reach a specific audience that seeks such items as per their preference, fetish or desire. Thus, making this platform unique compared to others in which it not only buys feet pics but also provides a marketplace for tangible/wearable fetishes.

Notably, clients might request further personalized photoshoots. Such experiences may be tailored according to the customer’s needs in terms of poses or attire.

A seller named “L” expressed gratitude after they had built connections with repeat customers on AllThingsWorn. L mentions how she shared exclusive custom videos and images in conversations while retaining customers with consistency even when demand was slowing down.

Ready to put your best foot forward and make some cash? Check out DollarFeet for a profitable step in the right direction.


One platform to consider for selling pictures of your feet is a website that goes by the name ‘DollarFeet’ which you may have come across while researching options. DollarFeet operates in a quite straightforward manner, with users being required to sign up for an account before posting images of their feet or buying others’ feet pics. The website covers adult and non-adult content, making it an ideal option for those who are not interested in adult pictures.

On DollarFeet, sellers must set their own prices for their feet photos based on market trends. This may be done by surveying other websites like AllThingsWorn or Etsy to establish what kind of fees are being charged per photo. Do take note that the price should not be too high as it could reduce the demand for your photos.

A pro tip when using DollarFeet is to consider providing a wide range of unique foot shots customized according to clients’ specifications and requests. By doing so, you increase your chances of gaining positive reviews from satisfied clients who will return regularly to purchase more images from you.

Feetpics.com – Because why settle for just ordinary pics of your feet when you can sell them for a profit?


One popular platform for selling pictures of feet is the website that specializes in this niche. Clients can easily browse and purchase feet pictures from a wide collection available on the website. The platform allows sellers to create their accounts and list their pictures at their preferred prices. Additional features like watermarking are available to protect images from unauthorized usage.

Sellers on feetpics.com can get paid instantly for every sale completed through the platform. It offers a great opportunity for those looking to monetize their foot fetish. A major advantage of selling through this platform is its established reputation and customer base, making it easier for sellers to gain exposure and attract potential buyers.

It’s essential to match pricing with current market rates while listing pictures on feetpics.com. Researching prices on multiple platforms before setting your rates may give you an edge in the market.

Pro Tip: Consistency is key in attracting buyers and building a good reputation – consider uploading new and high-quality images regularly.

Put your best foot forward on Etsy and turn your trotters into cash.


An online platform named after a noun for small handmade goods is also one of the options to sell your feet pics. Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on vintage or handmade items, including art prints, paintings, home decor, jewelry, and more.

Registration on Etsy is free, but they do charge listing and transaction fees. To start selling feet pics on Etsy, you will need to create an account with your personal information and payment details.

It is essential to know the pricing structure before setting up an Etsy store because fees could vary depending on what you list and how much you sell. A useful strategy would be finding similar sellers and checking out their rates so you can price accordingly.

Unlike other specialized feet pic websites, Etsy offers a broader audience of potential foot fetish buyers. Therefore it’s essential to take high-quality photos that are intriguing enough to attract potential customers to view your store.

Put your best foot forward and create your own personal e-commerce website to sell your feet pics like a pro.

Personal E-Commerce Website

A personal e-commerce website refers to a platform that allows individuals to sell their products online. This option gives you full control over your store’s design, marketing, and pricing strategy. You will need to create a website with an online storefront using platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace, or WordPress. Personal e-commerce websites can be used to sell feet pics by setting up a store solely for this niche product.

One essential factor when creating the website is ensuring it is visually appealing and easy for clients to navigate. A well-structured website can significantly increase engagement with potential buyers as they get insights into what they are paying for in real-time. Additionally, personalized stores allow creators to create loyal customers who may eventually recommend their services.

It’s crucial to maintain customer satisfaction by updating personalized sites’ contents frequently with fresh photos. Posting high-quality shots regularly also helps retain clients and attract new ones interested in purchasing the snaps based on your offerings.

Fun Fact: According to Business Insider, “Shopify reported an astonishing 71% jump between Q1 and Q2 total revenue ($714 million versus $1.1 billion), leading CEO Tobi Lütke to compare its sales growth numbers during the pandemic era ‘Black Friday every day'”

Ready to take a step into the world of selling your feet? Craigslist has got you covered, just be prepared for some interesting responses.


With the rise in the demand for feet pics, Craigslist has emerged as a popular platform for selling them. Here are three key points to keep in mind when exploring this option:

  • Creating an ad on Craigslist is free and can reach a large audience.
  • While there is no guarantee of safety or privacy on Craigslist, using caution and discretion can reduce risks.
  • Craigslist allows for negotiation on prices, which may be advantageous for both the seller and buyer.

It’s worth noting that while Craigslist may be a viable option for some, it’s important to thoroughly research potential risks and exercise caution when engaging with buyers.

Pro Tip:

Always prioritize safety by avoiding sharing personal information and meeting in public places when making transactions through platforms like Craigslist.

Unsplash: where you can find beautiful free photos for your feet pic inspiration, but sadly won’t make you any money.


Another platform where you can sell your feet pics is a popular website called Unsplash. As a stock photography website, Unsplash provides high-quality images that can be used for free. Many photographers visit the site to share and promote their work, making it a good place to showcase your foot pics.

Unsplash has an extensive collection of photos and it may be challenging to stand out. It is important to ensure that feet pictures provided are creative and unique while also meeting their technical standards. Additionally, watermarking can protect against any potential copyright infringements.

Unsplash offers the opportunity to expand your market reach as well as gain exposure among creators looking for unique content. However, selling on Unsplash means not receiving direct payment for each picture sold as opposed to other foot-specific platforms.

One way to maximize earnings through Unsplash is by pointing your audience towards other sites or personal e-commerce pages allowing you greater control over pricing and revenue generation strategies; this creates multiple streams for monetization of your content with lower overall risk than relying solely on one platform.

Shutterstock: where you can finally sell your stock photos of feet without judgment.


One of the platforms where you could potentially sell your feet pics is Shutterstock, a stock photography website that allows contributors to upload their images for others to purchase. Users can search for photos based on keywords and are required to purchase licenses before using them. On Shutterstock, users have access to millions of high-quality images, including those featuring feet.

If you are interested in selling your feet pics on Shutterstock, then it is important to consider the types of pictures that sell well on the platform. This includes focusing on high-quality photos that are visually appealing and capture unique angles or perspectives. Additionally, offering various shots and poses can help increase sales.

Furthermore, it is essential to check different websites and companies when determining prices for your pictures. While Shutterstock charges licensing fees based on usage and image size, the prices for individual contributors may vary depending on their level of experience or reputation within the platform.

It is worth noting that although selling feet pics on Shutterstock may be lucrative for some users, it is not suitable for everyone. Contributors must follow strict guidelines concerning content standards and copyright laws. Additionally, individuals should approach this opportunity with caution as it may not be suitable for all personal beliefs or values.

Step into the world of foot photography with these expert tips and sell your soles to the highest bidder.

Tips for Selling Feet Pics Online

As someone who’s been interested in making some extra cash online by selling pictures of my feet, I did some research and found some valuable tips to make a business out of it. If you’re in the same boat, you’re in the right section.

To be successful in selling feet pics online, there are various things to consider, such as:

  1. Determining the best platform to use.
  2. Studying the types of pics that sell best.
  3. Ensuring high-quality pics.
  4. Offering free sample pics.
  5. Engaging with clients.
  6. Offering custom shots.

Keep reading to learn about each sub-section in detail and how following these tips can help you sell your feet pics for the most money in 2024.

Determine Best Platform to Use

To successfully determine the best platform to use for selling foot pictures, it is crucial to assess each platform’s unique features and target audience thoroughly. For instance, FeetFinder offers better earnings per picture than other platforms but also requires a higher commission. Similarly, OnlyFans allows users to set up a subscription-based service, offer customized content and collaborate with other models for cross-promotion.

Therefore, it is recommended that potential sellers study these platforms’ features comprehensively before making a decision.

Moreover, understanding the type of content each platform expects can help in selecting the best one to display a unique character. For example, models can use Etsy for selling feet-themed accessories and products alongside foot pictures since the site caters majorly to handmade products. Meanwhile, Instafeet targets a more casual audience who want to view tantalizing photos.

It is important to note that each platform comes with different terms and conditions, which have legal implications concerning picture usage. It is advisable always to read through contracts and communicate with any involved parties as this could save money and time in future lawsuits.

Pro Tip: Before signing up for any platform or website or posting pictures online, register your image(s) under your name (copyright). This will protect you from theft or illegal picture usage.

Learning what kind of feet pics tickle your customers’ fancy is the secret to tickling your bank account too.

Study Types of Feet Pics that Sell Best

To maximize earnings, it is crucial to know the study types of pics that sell best in selling feet pics. This involves taking a deep look at the kinds of photos resonating with clients. These pictures should be aesthetically pleasing, creative, and original.

  • Feet close-ups
  • Sensual/ Seductive Poses
  • Nail Art Photos
  • Role Play Pics

To keep the client engaged and interested in repurchasing future photoshoots, it is essential to make the photo sessions fun and enjoyable for both parties involved. Engage with them on their likes and dislikes when it comes to foot fetishes, which breeds trust between all parties involved.

Choosing a price range for pictures can be challenging; considering factors such as body positioning, lighting used, angles taken, set up time. Doing some research on different websites will help you determine market rates like OnlyFans and DollarFeet.

It’s worth noting that what works for one person may not work for another; hence finding out what works best to generate recurrent revenue takes time and patience. According to AllThingsWorn, “a foot pic can fetch anywhere between $5-$100 per picture”.

Make your feet pics sharp enough to cut through the competition, with these high-quality tips.

Take High-Quality Feet Pics

To capture high-quality photographs of feet, several considerations should be made. The images should be clear and detailed enough to meet the expectations of clients.

To take high-quality feet pics, follow these six simple steps:

  1. Begin by cleaning your feet thoroughly to make them look their best.
  2. Determine the perfect angle for taking your photos by experimenting with different positions until you find the most flattering one.
  3. Ensure there is sufficient lighting in your setup because good lighting enhances details on your skin and toenails.
  4. Use a suitable camera that can capture pictures with high resolution.
  5. Pay attention to the background of the picture; it should be clean and free of distracting objects.
  6. Edit or retouch images if required.

Unique close-ups angles can elevate shots to new heights, providing interesting perspectives for buyers to choose from.

Don’t miss out on selling high-quality feet pics! Clients are always searching for what they want online, so ensure you are providing your top-class work on different dedicated platforms or websites regularly. Develop keen photographic skills and use them creatively to stand out from other sellers and attract lucrative clients who appreciate quality photography.

“Give a man a foot pic and he’ll be curious for a moment, teach a man to sell foot pics and he’ll be broke no longer.”

Offer Free Sample Feet Pics

Providing free samples of feet pictures is a crucial strategy for foot models selling their content online. By offering potential customers a glimpse of the quality and style of their pictures before committing to purchasing, foot models can entice them into buying more content. This technique increases their chances of making sales and establishing themselves as credible sellers in the industry.

When offering free sample pics, it’s essential to consider the type of images you want to showcase. The samples should be high-quality photographs that represent your unique style and aesthetic. It’s best to select images that are eye-catching and capture attention, as well as convey your personal brand. This approach will help potential buyers better understand what they can expect from purchasing your content.

It’s worth noting that when offering free sample pics, it’s important to set clear boundaries with clients. While providing free samples is an excellent marketing strategy, ensuring that prospective clients don’t take advantage of this is equally important. As such, setting expectations about the number of samples offered and how frequently they can be requested helps establish boundaries with clients.

In one instance, a professional foot model gained immense success by offering free sample pics on her Instagram page. After receiving many inquiries regarding purchasing her pictures, she began charging for her photoshoots and earned over $5,000 in less than two months thanks to the initial interest generated through her free samples.

Give your clients what they really want – a personal touch and a taste of your sole.

Engage with Clients and Offer Custom Shots

To effectively engage with clients and offer custom shots, it requires a strategic approach. It is vital to create content that appeals to customers and maintains their attention.

  • Develop a communication strategy with clients
  • Use social media platforms to interact with clients
  • Customize offerings to client preferences
  • Bond with customers by demonstrating understanding of clients’ interests
  • Create one of a kind photographs through intense creative process
  • Offer bonus images to loyal customers.

To stand out from competitors, implementing these strategies ensures maximum benefit. However, one important detail left out in the discussion is that engaging clients involves building trust and professionalism.

It is evident that feet pictures are in high demand due to their aesthetic appeal. According to AllThingsWorn page owners, alongside selling feet images, some sell used shoes for prices up to $300 per pair.

Keep your foot game strong and repeat the process of selling pics with passion and precision.

Repeat the Process

To continue making money by selling feet pictures, the process needs to be repeated consistently. This involves understanding the best platforms to use for the business, types of images that customers prefer, and how to keep clients engaged in a professional manner.

Here is a 6-step guide to repeating the process professionally:

  1. Study and understand customer preferences for feet pictures regularly
  2. Take high-quality images that showcase your feet in different angles and poses with detailed shots
  3. Offer free sample pics or packages that can attract new clients
  4. Interact with clients on a regular basis by being approachable and professional
  5. Offer custom shots according to client preference (only within moral boundaries)
  6. Keep records of sales data and adapt the strategy as per trends

After establishing a good relationship with regular clients, it may become easier to make sales but also keep track of target niche markets.

It is important to note that, while repeat business is essential, each requirement should utilize unique theme posed against prior sales strategies. The act of repetition does not mean repeating actions verbatim but adapting methods in order to cater better suits one’s needs appropriately.

According to AllThingsWorn source, Etsy.com has experienced more than 8 thousand listings under their ‘feet pics’ category as of June 2023.

Putting a price on your feet pics isn’t always a walk in the park.

Determining the Price for Feet Pics

As someone who has sold feet pics before, I understand the struggle of determining the right price for your photos. In this part, we will go over some factors to consider when setting prices for your feet pics. Additionally, checking different websites and companies is crucial to ensure that you are getting the most profit for your photographs. Trust me, by following these tips, you will be able to determine the ideal price point and increase your earning potential in this unique industry.

Factors to Consider When Setting Feet Pic Prices

When setting prices for feet pics, certain elements must come into play. Without considering these factors, it may lead one to under- or overprice their products.

  • The quality of the pictures: One must consider how well taken the photos are and ensure that they meet some required standards.
  • What other platforms charge for their feet pics: An examination of what other sites offer will give insights into pricing options and alternatives available.
  • The intended target audience: Some audiences are interested in more elaborate and distinctive foot pics, while others are content with typical shots of feet; therefore, tailoring the product to meet the customer’s demands is essential.

It is imperative to check different websites and companies when making pricing decisions. Keeping an eye on market trends will allow you to know which site best suits your needs as a seller.

It is wise always to keep an open mind when creating prices as more unique features emerge monthly. Do you not miss out on introducing new twists/ways of selling your products?

Shop around for the best deal on your foot photography, because you deserve the sole-ful rewards.

Importance of Checking Different Websites and Companies

To maximize profits in selling feet pics, it is vital to understand the ‘Importance of Checking Different Websites and Companies’. It would help determine the different pricing structures, quality standards, and target audience that work best with individual products. Taking into account these relevant factors could lead to higher revenues for sellers.

Sellers should always be on the lookout for varying opportunities available on different websites. Each platform has a unique set of features and policies that influence how vendors make money from their products, such as commission rates and minimum payouts. Comparing them could reveal new markets and introduce novel clientele.

It is crucial to note that different companies have highly varying operating models designed to suit specific markets. It’s not enough to rely on one or two platforms; explore multiple digital alleys. Therefore, putting some effort into researching multiple options helps determine which websites will provide more significant business benefits.

It is advisable to look at user reviews for each website before signing up for anything. Genuine customer feedback could confirm whether a site meets expectations or falls below standards set by other competitors in the market. Understanding reviews from other sellers might reveal possible challenges or restrictions when selling similar products.


After exploring various platforms and techniques to sell feet pics, optimizing social media profiles, and establishing a value proposition, it is evident that selling feet pics online is a lucrative business model that requires dedication and strategy. However, one must exercise caution while adhering to ethical and legal guidelines to avoid any potential risks or negative consequences. Finally, by consistently producing quality content, engaging with potential buyers, and continually improving your craft, you can establish a loyal customer base and increase your earning potential.

Five Facts About How and Where To Sell Your Feet Pics for the Most Money in 2023:

  • ✅ There are several websites available for selling feet pics, with FunWithFeet, FeetFinder, and OnlyFans being among the most popular. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Users can charge different prices for their feet pics based on various factors like picture quality, uniqueness, and popularity. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Engaging with clients and offering custom shots based on their preferences can lead to higher prices and building a loyal customer base. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ It is recommended to show some feet pics for free to attract potential buyers and to use the best content to entice and attract paying customers. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Selling feet pics online can be a profitable side hustle and a chance to be your own boss, earning money by doing what you love. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about How And Where To Sell Your Feet Pics For The Most Money

Where can I sell my feet pics online for the most money?

There are a variety of websites where you can sell your feet pics and potentially make a great income. Some of the most popular options include FunWithFeet, FeetFinder, OnlyFans, Instafeet, and Feetify. It is important to consider which platform will work best for you based on the types of pics that sell best on that platform

What types of feet pics sell best?

The types of feet pics that sell best can vary depending on the platform you’re using. However, generally speaking, pics featuring specific angles, unique lighting, or celebrity feet tend to sell for higher prices. It’s important to take high-quality photos and to showcase some of your best pics for free to attract potential buyers.

Can I make more money by offering custom shots to buyers?

Absolutely! Offering custom shots based on a buyer’s preferences can allow you to charge a higher price for your pics and can also help you build a loyal customer base. Engaging with your clients by chatting with them can also improve your earning potential.

What fees can I expect when using FeetFinder?

FeetFinder charges a minimal seller fee of $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year. Additionally, there is a transaction fee of only 20%, which means you keep more of your earnings.

How much should I charge for my feet pics?

The price of your feet pics can depend on many factors, including whether you are selling single pictures or package deals, the uniqueness of the pictures, and the quality of the pictures. Feet pics that are more unique, such as those featuring celebrity feet or specific angles or lighting, may command higher prices. It’s important to do some research and compare prices on different websites before you set your own prices.

Can I use a personal e-commerce website to sell my feet pics?

Absolutely! With a personal e-commerce website, you have complete control over the content, pricing, and layout of your website. You can also avoid paying any fees to third-party platforms.

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