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We here at UnHolyJobs.com try to make this a great place to find and post adult jobs. Every once in a while we see a job that appears sketchy (to...
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We here at UnHolyJobs.com try to make this a great place to find and post adult jobs. Every once in a while we see a job that appears sketchy (to put it mildly). We try to accept all ads but when they don’t include some information or attempt to gather information that would normally not be needed we first attempt to email the poster asking about the job. Normally though we simply delete the ad and ban the IP address of the person posting it.

Lately though we have been getting an ad that claims to be looking for a housekeeper, and the red flags popped up like crazy. We have been deleting the ad and banning the IP address of the poster(s) but it is becoming extremely frequent so we thought we would post a message on our blog in hopes that someone reads it and does not reply to the job posting on other online classifieds site. We know that if someone is trying to post on our site they must be posting on other sites as well.

The title of the job posting to look out for:  “WE ARE LOOKING FOR A GOOD CAREGIVER,HOUSEKEEPER AND DRIVER IN OUR HOME

…and basically it goes on from there promising an enormous paycheck, large living quarters etc etc. We believe this is a total scam. Not only the way it reads but the simple fact we get the exact same ad posted from different IP addresses every single day – sometimes twice a day. We have received the posting from someone in Russia, Nigeria, Jamaica, Germany… the list goes on.  If you search the title of the ad on any search engine you will find the exact same ad posted at thousands of other sites.

One of the ways we check the validity of ads is to check the IP address of the person posting, if it doesn’t match the country or city for posting we contact that poster and ask whats up. You can also check that if it were a company posting the job offer they would at least put an email address that coincides with their company name –example: if I were posting a job offer it would be myname @ unholyjobs.com –

Most often we see phony companies with emails pointing to free email sites like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc etc. This is often the first clue that something is not quite right with the ad.

One of the first red flags to pop up on this posting is the fact the person who posted it claims to be a professional American couple – sorry, but the spelling and grammar problems throughout the ad scream fraud or at the very least, someone with English as a second language.

Please, if you come across this ad, or an ad like it on other sites – do your due diligence before sending any of your personal information. You can see the ad in its entirety (albeit with contact info removed) here:



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  1. Unholy Jobs Author

    Sorry CaliBob, your ad was denied as were hundreds others for the same reason. As well, hard to find your ad when you dont post the title of what you wrote but I was able to match up the IP address from your comment to the denied ad. The ad looks fine, but there is no contact information other than your gmail address. We have a strict policy of simple validation we wish all to follow. Simply get your site email address and PM us when you do. We will be more than happy to accept your job posting.

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