Busama Entertainment is a global exotic, strip tease, nude & gogo dancer, & hostess jobs

October 19, 2022

Busama Entertainment is a global exotic, strip tease, nude & gogo dancer, & hostess jobs travel agency. We provide a place online where entertainers can submit just 1 application and have access to all of our jobs all over the world. You talk to us about where you are interested in traveling to, we make suggestions based on where you are from and where you might like to go. We have a worldwide network of classy, clean and safe clubs where entertainers can go to work in, and travel and enjoy the world while you do it, as well as make money. Busama Entertainment is a global exotic dancer jobs travel agency. Our list of partner clubs is growing all the time and we are happy to offer our dancers a wide variety of clubs and locations to choose from. There is so much work available and although we have a large number of dancers applying all the time, we can never fill the number of club dancers wanted by the strip clubs that have requested our international strip club agency to recruit for them. We specialze in nude dancer/ dancing jobs, hostess jobs, gogo dancer/dancing jobs, strip tease/ stripper jobs, we have an amazing selection of classy clubs all over the world, just contact us and ask us some questions, we are only too happy to suggest the best places that you can go to work.There are a lot of strip clubs to watch out for coming into 2016 & 2017, Australia, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Mackay, New Zealand, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Paris France, New York, Guam, Long Island, Queens, Los Angeles, Tampa Florida, New Haven Connecticut West Virginia, Louisiana, Poland, Oslo Norway, Tokyo, Macau, London U.K, The Caribbean, Cape Town South Africa. Busama Entertainment come and join our rapidly growing international team of entertainers. So much going on and we NEED DANCERS NOW and ALWAYS please.

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