The Perfect Job Option for FEMALE Applicants in Need of Supplemental Income!

October 19, 2022

Currently seeking all different types of ladies of different nationalities and ethnicity. Asian, European, and Latin women are quickly becoming a strong component for our company.We are considered to be an exclusive upscale service that is truly about quality and privacy with executive and sophisticated services as our #1 focus. We’re looking to expand our carefully chosen selection of beautiful models and eloquent companions. We are only looking to employ the services of very top professional actresses & models, adult film stars, or the just the beautiful girl next door.Our objective is to book our female associates with Upscale Athletes, Executives, Professionals, Dignitaries, Celeb’s and VIP’s. However, those girls who obtain favorable client feedback, are dependable, professional, motivated and work with us will rightly garner their earned priority.In order to provide our unique clientele with the quality of service required, several absolutes have been adopted. Privacy and anonymity were the first absolutes to be addressed. All client information is closely guarded to prevent even inadvertent disclosure, let alone distributed. Quality and exclusivity were the second absolutes to be addressed. Featured escorts are selected based upon their beauty, elegance, intelligence, sexual charisma and they must possess a first class affect.We make sure to take care of our female associates and expect the same in return. We offer experienced schedulers/bookers/screener’s, as well as screened security/drivers to attend to your transportation and safety.Here’s more information:If you would like to be considered, please submit photos for initial screening and email your best pictures. They do not have to be professional by any means. We ask only that they are clear and properly representative of you. Be sure to include your contact information so we can get in touch with you and set up your interview and anything else needed.Applications that are not followed by pictures and contact number will be ignored.We do have some requirements that are mandatory for you!!!1. Drug free.2. Open minded in various 1:1 situations3. Must be between 18-35.4. Must be attractive. (No beauty queen, but not Ugly Betty)5. RELIABLE AND HONEST PERSONALITY.If you are one of the privileged few chosen to join us, we will attempt to contact you within 24 hours.

Employment Type
Full Time