Vulva Original Vaginal Scent

Erotic smell of a desirable woman's vagina. Not a perfume, VULVA Original is the captivating intimate scent of a womens pussy for your own smelling pleasure. This would make a fantastic gift for any guy (or gal) you know who may be needing a pick-me-up of sorts.
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This is the perfect gift for the man that had everything. The smell of a woman’s vagina is one of the most powerful fragrances known to drive men to hunt, pursue, kill, work overtime and buy the stupidest most lavish gifts that he really couldn’t afford. But Vulva Original is changing all that

Vulva Original Captures The True Vaginal Scent of a Woman

In my opinion there is nothing more seducing than a woman’s seductive smile other than her scent. Vulva Original has certainly captured the true smell of a woman’s vagina and packaged it nicely in a contemporary glass vial. Some ask why have a bottle of the fragrance of a woman’s pussy? Because we believe A. there is nothing quite like it; and B. When you have a little alone time it would be nice to not only envision your goddess doing unimaginable and unspeakable things to you and with you; but also be able to smell her with you…

The very real, very erotic vaginal scent of a desirable woman – VULVA Original is not a perfume, but the captivating intimate scent of a woman’s vagina, made to satisfy the man (or woman) who enjoys the fragrance of a woman’s most private area. VULVA Original is the natural vaginal scent, generated through movement and perspiration of the female intimate area, captured after the last intensive shower.

After an uncountable series of tests with a variety of vaginal aromas from various women, Vulva Original decided to preserve the vaginal scent, which most of the males in the test experienced to be the most erotic. Their greatest challenge was to preserve the chosen intimate scent without modifying its original state. After many years of extensive tests and specifically developed procedures of preserving methods, Vulva Original has successfully managed to capture and preserve the original, treasured organic vaginal scent in a long lasting way.

Order Vulva OriginalThis precious organic fragrance is held in a classy glass vial, protected by an exclusive case. The glass vial is fitted with a comfortable roll-on applicator ball, which enables you to apply only a tiny amount of the arousing essence on the back of your hand. Soon after, the exuding, irresistible smell of a seducing vagina will intensify your erotic fantasies and fire your minds eye. Smell and enjoy the intimate scent of a desirable woman. Anytime, anywhere.

VULVA Original is the unique fragrance of a woman and is worldwide unique. It is the only erotic product which doesn’t imitate the smell of pussy, it is absolutely authentic. VULVA Original is real and can be ordered using the link below.

Order Vulva Original

Order Vulva Original

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  1. Pussy Sniffer Author

    What a great idea. I love the smell of pussy and would love to smell it all the time. I could rub the vulva smell all over me. I wish to order some pussy smell right now!

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