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Are you brand new to stripping or thinking about becoming a stripper? It’s not as easy as it looks (or sounds) You might think you can slap some makeup on, show up, and twirl around the pole…but really that stuff has NOTHING to do with how you make money stripping.
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I know you didn’t get into this business just to make your house fee back. You’re here to make the maximum amount of money every shift so you can work FEWER shifts and enjoy more of your personal life outside the club, right?

One of the ladies I interviewed this week had a lot of the same problems as an adult entertainer when she first started and she knows firsthand how frustrating it can be as a new dancer… and as a veteran…

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Are you brand new to stripping or thinking about becoming a stripper?  It’s not as easy as it looks (or sounds)  You might think you can slap some makeup on, show up, and twirl around the pole… but really, that stuff has NOTHING to do with how you make money stripping. If you have been dancing for a little while, and notice that when you walk up to guys and say, “Wanna Dance?” you get told NO more than YES and you don’t know why?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • • Have you ever had “Want a Dance” not work?
  • • Have you ever had a night where the club was busy and it seems like every girl is getting dances except you?
  • • Have you ever been turned down by a customer, and then a few songs later he is getting dances from someone not as attractive as you?
  • • Have you ever not known what to say to a customer to get HIM to invite YOU to sit down
  • • Have you ever had a conversation with a customer where everything seemed to be going well… but then you asked for a dance and he says “No.”
  • • Have you ever been stuck in a conversation with a customer who keeps rambling on and on about nothing and you don’t know how to shift the conversation towards the topic of dances

This new tell-all book explains the FOUR Step Strategy to Making More Money Stripping, Dancing, or Dating and the EXACT strategy used by top earners and the best strategy to make your money goal every shift. There also tells of 1 simple trick to make MORE than the nightly money goal.
PLUS: Exactly what to say to get him to say “Yes!” to multiple dances and trips to the VIP Room

As a new entertainer there are a number of things that need to be purchased as well as maintained. This is why Rebecca has chosen to keep the price of the Strip and Grow Rich book at a low price of only $14.95. But, this may not last long as it is possibly going into print and may be removed from the instant download site shortly.

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