Unholy Stripper of the Month

UnholyJobs would like to take this time to acknowledge some of the hardest working gals in the adult dance industry. It's a tough job...

UnholyJobs would like to take this time to acknowledge some of the hardest working gals in the adult dance industry. It’s a tough job… we know it is. Its not all dancing and making money – there are a lot of behind the scenes shit that they have to deal with. Not only is there constant pressure from the crowd but the new social scene is even more time consuming.

Most of the peelers we know have an exhausting daily routine, yet still manage to look hot! After a night peeling they need to be up early and off to the gym. Then possibly do some online work and occasionally a cameo. Picture for a moment yourself getting ready to perform in front of complete strangers (some stranger than most) a few times per night then having to tweet to your fans what you had for breakfast, lunch and hopefully dinner.

So to give back we decided to post up someone we thought deserved to be Stripper of the Month here at UnholyJobs.com. So, if you wish to participate and think you deserve it let us know by answering these simple questions:

  1. Your Stage-name (no real names please unless you want it listed)
  2. Your Measurements
  3. Your Hobbies
  4. A paragraph of who you are and what places you may have danced at or are dancing at currently. You can also include any filmwork you may have done.
  5. A paragraph on why you like dancing
  6. A link back to your site – yepa free backlink never hurt (if applicable).
  7. Contact UnHolyJobs here – or send an email to the webmistress admin @ unholyjobs.com

    If chosen we will need a picture of you. We can post as many pics as you like. Pics should be covering all your lady bits – this is a family joint… gotta leave a little mystery.

    As well if you want to have your own listing please let us know. Who knows, we may start a new category just for dancers! Its all about getting out there and linking your site – clik clik clik – and cheers!

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  1. Vince Author

    Still waiting to see a top stripper of the month – do you need people for this?

  2. Unholy Jobs Author

    Hi Vince – we sure do. I posted a blip on it as a Facebook note – unsure if any of the readers caught it. This would be a great time to get involved with UnholyJobs as we revamp the backend and push more promotion. If anyone is interested in being a featured performer, please let me know

  3. Unholy Jobs Author

    Because if we did, you wouldn’t be enticed to go to her site and get to see what the boobie fairy did… ya gotta earn it… click her link Kevin!

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