Another UnholyJob Ad Goes in the Zero File

This will be my last blog post about using a real email address to post an ad at UnholyJobs.com. We have marketed this process, posted in numerous sites and of course posted the statement of NOT USING FREE EMAIL ACCOUNTS on our job submit page. I am writing this more in anger than in terms of trying to get traffic to the site or implementing my keywords... just my way of blowing off a little steam
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This will be my last blog post about using a real email address to post an ad at UnholyJobs.com. We have marketed this process, posted in numerous sites and of course posted the statement of NOT USING FREE EMAIL ACCOUNTS on our job submit page.

I am writing this more in anger than in terms of trying to get traffic to the site or implementing my keywords… just my way of blowing off a little steam.

I received another job order today (1 of 297) wherein the person tried to use a free email account, but also would not state what website they are promoting. To us this just screams something is being hidden. Seriously, if you owned a webcam site, or phonesex site, wouldn’t you want the traffic? Or at least the applicants to see your fantastic uber-sexy site to get them more interested in the position? I would! I would pepper my ad (and we allow it) with links to my site, pages to sign up – whatever it took to get the applicant to our site to sign up. Not this creepy back-door shyte where a person hides behind a fake email account and potentially fake site.

Just yesterday we had over 500 ads come in and only 3 got accepted. The others… most of them went to phishing sites, some went to sites under construction or didn’t exist – mostly all were listed at free website hosts and were absolute bullshit. While we don’t mind free website hosts… you cannot seriously operate a webcam company through a free web hosting service. Just don’t see it.

We dig that Gmail is easy to use, free and has some cool features – but, you want to show some professionalism and honor in your product then you smack your webadmin (or yourself if its you) and get a real email address showcasing it. At some conventions and shows I get handed a business card that has a good feel to the stock, raised lettering, good logo – and when I check for the site – I see some bullshit free email account. IMHO, that just screams how unprofessional and unprepared you are for your niche business.

I know, I’m rambling. But, from here on out I won’t be sending emails alerting potential job posters that their ad is not accepted due to their email account… just gonna delete it. Anyhow… done venting – here is the latest emails I have received and one of my responses. Now, I didn’t send it – I just let it drop but I thought I would post it here:

From: john smith
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 11:10 AM
To: Philthy McNasty
Subject: Re: Your ad on UnholyJobs

really?????? malware from XXXXXXX? one of the most popular sites on the internet. and as far as the “free email” excuse It really saddens me that your company chooses this route. Anyone can get a google mail on their domain, I choose not too. gmail is difficult to navigate. I will not be changing my add in any manner related to these requests. please contact me directly at XXX-XXX-XXXX if you would like to validate anything. Like most businesses we are on a shoestring budget and I posted this myself to get the word out about our opportunity.
Thank you
John (name changed)

Hello John,
Pardon, was not malware but an invalid site security certificate coming from your “free webhost” – I clicked off of the page too quickly fearing it was malware as I have seen the same bright red warning on other sites we try to validate. Also – we do not allow posts from people who use free email accounts – we state this on our submit form, right above the “Submit” button. Not an “excuse” as you put it; simply our way of validating a proper company. Most often we see scams come through with people trying to hide behind fake emails accounts attempting to get information from unsuspecting applicants…not to say you would do that “John Smith”. In our attempt to protect potential applicants our policy is to have our job posters use their sites email account – plain and simple. No one sees your email address, nor do we sell it, give it out or send you emails (other than applicants).

As for a phonesex company operating on a shoestring budget? Simple shared hosting accounts are $50 for the year and include free website tools, email addresses etc so the thought of a “shoestring budget” doesn’t make sense to me. But then again, you stated in your ad that you already have a site as you claim in your ad – so why not post the name of the site in the ad to show potential applicants what their profile will look like? Posting an ad in the fashion of trying to keep the company a secret from applicants simply screams scam.

Gmail is difficult to navigate“, “anyone can get a google mail on their domain” – wtf? If you cant use simple gmail how the unholy hell do you use your other mail programme or webmail?

…and you posted this all by yourself? No shit; so does everyone else (unless they are not on a shoestring budget, or can afford a staffer to post for them, or generally find it really fn easy to do).

I’m not going to contact you directly, that isn’t a validation nor worth my time. This is a FREE adult classifieds site – If we were charging for this it would be a different story. I’m not going to post your ad, you sound like a scam… And you aren’t getting the word out about fuck-all if you don’t list your site in the ad. Don’t bother changing your ad – IP banned and job deleted. Have a pleasant day.

And yet another request from last week…

From: Max
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 1:30 PM
To: Philthy McNasty

I went through you ads and saw not real sites like (OLD job deleted) I am not sure how experienced you are in the adult film industry, but there are people with ads for companies in Maryland and other states. Anyone who knows anything knows that if you aren’t in SoCal or Miami you and your company are far from legit. That link I mentioned earlier doesn’t even exist. Also there are no XXXXXXXXXX.com or XXXXXXXXXXX.com email addresses. Anyone in the biz knows that. XX emails come from XXXXXXXXXXXX.com The best I can do for a website is that of an agency I work closely with. (he listed a scam site here) You won’t see me on the site though. I am XXXXX @ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com though. Feel free to email me there if you want. As mentioned, I don’t have a personal site but I am as legit as anyone can possibly get. I am prepared to promote your site as much as I can for the purpose of getting more responses to my ad. So what else can I do to get my ad posted? And how did XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.net make it past your screening?

Ugh – they do try don’t they? The old job and older site he mentioned were from 2 older ads that I had missed in my initial scrubbing of the database 2 months ago when I took the site over as admin (I deleted over 1k jobs in a single week). This email screams desperation and scam… he goes on later to tell me that if I post his ad he will promote it on one of the largest adult entertainment sites and have UnholyJobs.com tweeted to thousands of fans… smh

I checked the site he listed of the agency he works with and damn if that wasn’t the most unprofessional scammy looking site I had seen in a few days. Look – this is simple, act professional, promote your club, shop or business and do it proudly. There should be no reason to hide behind a fake wall unless their are other intentions.

We simply want our applicants to send their pictures and personal info to the proper people and not some possible scammer looking for free photos.

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  1. Unholy Jobs Author

    Well I agree to disagree with your incompetent rant. First, no one died to give me this spot, I took it. Second – its my site I can deny anyone I want – I also don’t think it’s professional to be bounding around the Internet with a free email account while trying to conduct business. Makes you and your firm look like spammy bullshit. Cheers and enjoy the game –

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