Changes To UnholyJobs Free Adult Job Orders Policy

In an effort to keep applicants safe we are only accepting free adult job orders from people with corresponding email addresses. Meaning: your email address must coincide with your website address. We will no longer accept job orders from people or companies using a free email address. Example: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail ...
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In an effort to keep applicants safe UnholyJobs will only be accepting free adult job orders from people with corresponding email addresses. Meaning: your email address must coincide with your website address. We will no longer accept adult job orders from people or companies using a free email address (example: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc etc)

Our Reason: To Limit Adult Job Order Scams

We want to ensure an applicant is sending their personal information and photographs (if applicable) to the proper person in control of the site.

Now, this may hinder some people from posting job orders due to not having an email address directly from their site. If this is the case and you are the site owner but don’t have an email address, please smack your website designer. If this is you find someone to help you out. It not only looks spammy, but appears (IMHO) as unprofessional as Hell (sorry Hell, but sometimes you do look unprofessional).

Contact your webmaster or hosting company to get a proper email address. All hosting accounts nowadays come with at least 20 up to unlimited and takes minutes to set up. If you don’t have a web admin, contact Nick.Clark www.TheMerde.com and he’ll get you going in the right direction.

As Stated on The Add New Job Page:

Online applications will be sent to this address only. In our efforts to keep applicants safe, UnholyJobs will not accept adult job orders with an email address from free email sites. Your email address should be from your website. Any job order with an email address from a free email site (gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc) will not be approved.

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  1. Unholy Jobs Author

    Maybe you didn’t get the point of the message? Using a fake or free email address is more autonomous and we don’t want that here. Our applicants should be sending their personal information to the site the email address belongs to. And if you were a legit business then you wouldn’t mind letting your applicants know that. Its simple, use your proper email address to post a job and we validate to ensure the applicants coming to UnholyJobs looking for adult work are at least protected if in some small way. Get your head out of your ass and join the business community or continue to hide behind some bullshit idea that the people who respond to your ads shouldn’t know who they are dealing with.

    …furthermore, while you may be a customer, remember this is a FREE service. Dont be a dick

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