Strip Club Audition Tips Part Three

Part three of How To Audition in a strip club. Now that you have the job, what will be required of you. How to gain customers and make more money as a stripper your very first night - also included some easy stripper security tips
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If you Get The Job as a Stripper

Now that you have gotten the job, make sure you write down and keep track of your time .. ….

you need to follow the basics of stripping. You are the only person who decides how much money that you can make. Try choosing some great songs that you can dance to and make up dances to the chorus, beginning or end and then wing the rest. Planning a complete routine can leave you appearing bored and your customers will eventually become tired of seeing the same dance routine over and over. Get your song lists approved by management and then turn it into the DJ. It is important that you use songs that are not on your list as well though to avoid boredom of you and the customers.

TIP #5 Its a good idea to keep a small notebook to keep track of your time working and tips. Make note of the song titles and also the tip amounts. Some songs believe it or not, pay better than others. As well so do customers – keep track of them too. Also keeping track of your tips will help come tax season as well if there are any discrepancies with management.

Pole tricks actually involve a lot of strength and balance. Pole tricks can also be very dangerous to strippers and you should not try them without a lot of practice. Ask your manager or house mom if you are allowed to come into the club after hours and practice using the pole. Also find out about local classes or if there is a featured stripper who gives classes to teach the strippers tricks and gives money making tips. Practice makes perfect and while keeping you safe from injury it makes you and the strip club more money.

When you are working at a strip club, it is nearly impossible to keep drama and jealousy out of the workplace. These are a few stripper etiquette rules that should be followed when you are a stripper:

  • Do not approach a customer if they are with another stripper unless he or she calls you over to the table. The stripper with the customer will feel as though you are trying to take her business.

  • If a stripper has a regular customer and you know it, leave that customer alone unless he or she makes contact with you. The money you make from a customer is often not worth the drama it brings with it. Now then, if you know a particular stripper is quitting then by all means take their clients.

  • Never ask a customer if they would like a drink or for anything else while they are getting a lapdance or VIP dance. That is unless your wish is squash the tip the other dancer may have received. Nothing is more awkward than distracting a customer while they are having a private dance.

  • Keep all of your belongings under lock and key at the club. Label your makeup, accessories, toiletries, outfits and anything else you bring in or leave at the strip club. This will remove the threat of theft or accusations of theft. Strippers may often accuse other strippers of theft to get them fired. Two things are needed for theft to occur; opportunity and motive. Remove the opportunity and often motive will leave you alone. Competition is fierce…

TIP #6 Never sit with other dancers at a table even if you are taking a break. You aren’t approachable by clients when you are all sitting together. Sit with each other in the hen house – not in the yard.

Strip Club Security and Rules To Follow

It is extremely important that you find out all of your strip club’s rules before you work. Strip clubs have rules that vary widely so do not assume that they are the same everywhere you work. Following these simple rules is important and not following them could put you in danger. Allowing a simple touch of the leg could snowball in a customers mind, leading him/her to believe that you allow any other unwelcome touching.

Keep in constant eye contact of the bouncer. If you are the victim of a rule breaking client, make sure that you tell the bouncer and point out the offender. This will give your bouncer the heads up to keep an extra close eye on him if the rule breaker does not get thrown out immediately. If the bouncer does nothing then go find another bouncer or the manager. If still nothing happens this should be a clear indication to go look for another place to work.

Have your security staff walk you to your car every night, even when everything appears safe. Let people who may be potentially stalking you know that this is standard operating procedure for the end of the shift. They may just leave you alone thinking the bouncers are everywhere. This is extremely important because stalkers are a very real threat when you work as a stripper. Once you are safely on the road, check for vehicles that could be following you. If you think someone is following you drive to a police station or fire station for safety. Being overly cautious is the safest thing that you can be when you are working as a stripper.

Lets face it, some people think that just because you work as a stripper that you are an easy lay and if something happens to you no one will care. Be on your guard and make contact with people when at all possible. Twitter is another good way to stay in contact with people and you are able to give out quips of information such as license plate or description of someone harassing or following you.

Stripping can be a fun and easy way to make money but it is important to be safe while you are doing it. Following these easy stripper auditioning and working tips is a great way to stay abreast of what lies ahead.

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