Strip Club Audition Tips Part Two

<em>Strip Club Audition Tips</em> part two. Here we'll be going into the actual strip club audition process and what to do and of course what to watch out for.
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Strip Club Audition Tips part two. Here we’ll be going into the actual strip club audition process and what to do and of course what to watch out for.

The Strip Club Audition

Once you have chosen the strip club you want to dance at, contact management to let them know that you would like to audition for their strip club. Be polite to all the employees inside the strip clubs, including the other strippers – but, make a mental note of how the other girls react to you and how helpful they may seem. The other strippers may be asked for their opinion about you when management is making their decision to hire. Now, don’t get me wrong but most clubs will hire just about anyone; and most strippers will tell the hiring manager you are awful… remember what I said about competition – these girls especially don’t like it.

Almost all strip clubs vary in their method of auditioning. Larger strip clubs might place you on a side stage for a song or two as a secondary attraction. If you are going to a strip club where you audition during busy business hours, be prepared for customers to approach the stage and leer, gawk, or heckle you. Better clubs may wait until after hours and let you do your audition at that time. Then again, this is a good time for the hiring manager to see if you have what it takes to work in their club, rowdy customers and all.

TIP #3 Just before your audition or travel to the club, you might be nervous or a tad shaky. We suggest that you do and dont do the following:
1. DON’T drink alcohol to calm your nerves
2. DO Make sure that you bring an outfit and heels you are comfortable in
3. DO Shave your underarms
4. DO Trim your pubic hair
5. DO Shower (you may never feel this clean again)

Before you begin, ask for all of the rules regarding that particular strip club. You need to know if they allow floor dancing, pole tricks, and anything else that is not allowed. A normal set at a strip club lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 songs. The first song usually consists of the stripper staying completely clothed and it is usually where strippers do there best and most difficult pole tricks. The second song would be where your costume is removed or if it is a totally nude club, the top of your outfit. If you are only doing a two song set, follow the tip for the third song. The start of the third or last song should have you down to the minimum you can go to.

TIP #4 DO NOT ask a customer if they want a drink right in the middle of him/her getting a lapdance:
A. You are killing the mood
B. The stripper doing the lapdance will probably not receive a tip or a second dance
C. It makes the customer feel awkward and that is money lost

Your audition should consist of basic seductive dance movements and simple pole twirls (if any). If you are comfortable, you can do very easy pole tricks but keep the flashy pole tricks to a minimum and focus on your sensuality and personality in your dance. Most strip club managers know that you won’t be coming in doing backflips off the pole so do only what you feel confident doing in your audition.

After you have completed your strip club audition (or set), you’ll probably be asked some simple questions to see how you react. A good hiring manager will try to freeze you in your tracks or stump you with a dirty sentence, as most customers will try anything. Be flirty and charming in your answers but do not act as though you are trying to hard. Keep your answers free from agreeing with the question and try your best to change the topic smoothly but on the fly.

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