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Strip club audition tips. Stripping can be a fun and easy way to make money but it is doubly important to be safe while you are working. Following these easy <em>strip club audition</em> tips for working in any strip club is a great way to stay safe while having fun at the club.
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Stripping can be a fun and easy way to make money but it is doubly important to be safe while you are working. Following these easy strip club audition tips for any strip club is a great way to stay safe while having fun at the club.

Auditioning to become a stripper is not so easy if you are uncomfortable getting down and dirty in front of people you don’t know. But if you get the gig, and if you’re hot you will, then you’ll be doing this every time you dance (worK). In my opinion the audition is the hardest part of getting a gig as a stripper. As time goes on it gets easier I’m sure but if you pick the right club you may only have to audition once. Other club owners may try to recruit you away. Use this unholy guide to strip club auditioning so that you are informed and will like the club you are going to dance.

Now then, before you start peeling for every club you come across, research and visit those clubs during busy and slow times to see how things run. Make sure you talk to the dancers, maybe even buy a lapdance to see what it is like being the customer and how the girl interacts with you. This is also a good indication of what the club requires from their dancers.

STRIP TIP #1 Dont Talk During Your Dance. Most clubs frown on this but more importantly, let the customer focus on you, not on idle conversation.

Make a list of the strip clubs that are located near the area you want to strip in. Work your way down the list and note what type of club each one offers (nude, topless, fully nude) then cross off the strip clubs that you are not interested in or comfortable with. Now comes the time for researching to begin, and you can research the clubs by using the following methods:

• Search the Internet for strip club reviews that include customer comments. Positives comments that you can look for are customers who complain about being thrown out by security, being turned down for illegal activities, etc. These are positive comments to you because it shows a club doing what they are supposed to do, protect the dancers. If you notice a lot of customer comments about paying for sexual favors, steer clear of that club (unless you are into that).

• Become a member of some strip club forums. Be on the lookout for customers talking about the clubs, strippers, strippers allowing illegal things, and other negative comments.

• Visit the strip club. Notice the exterior parking lot, is it dirty and full of trash? Is the building tagged with graffiti? Are the posters of events really old? These are tell-tale signs of a possible shithole.

• Visit inside the strip club and pay attention to the way that the strippers interact with each other, with the staff, and maybe even buy a lap-dance. Use this time to get an inside view at what is expected during a lapdance at that strip club.

• Don’t tell other strippers working at the club you are looking for work their. You’ll probably only hear false negatives of the club. Some girls hate competition.

• Pay close attention to the strippers that are working and watch their dance movements and pole work – they are often taught what is expected of them at the club so these moves may be the norm. Also be sure to watch the DJ and see if he talks too much. A chatty DJ often kills the spending mood of customers.

STRIP TIP #2 Always make a “Thank You Walk” around the club to those that tipped you. A “Thank You” walk truly only takes a couple of minutes of your time but it will increase your customer base and of course tips.

Once you have compiled all your information on the strip clubs you want to work at, narrow that list down to just a few clubs. Approach the management at the club and express your interest in working there and request a tour of the strip club, including the dressing room area.

IMPORTANT: You need to ask about the strip club’s security measures, dancer fees, tip outs and how much you earn for drinks and private dances.

Two other great questions to ask are what types of private dances are offered at the club and what is their audition process. After your tour, let management know that you are touring another club and will come back if you pick their club. Keep in mind this is also your livelihood and income generator, so as with any interview you have the right to ask any and all questions of your future employer. The work has to be beneficial for both parties.

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